School List for Spelling Practice

St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

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Name Description Group
A and B words these are the words we have focused on in class can you beat your score? -
2D shapes our next numeracy topic is 2D shape can you spell these key words and do you know what they mean? -
AR words all these words have the 'r' sound made by the diagraph 'ar' -
B to F words these will be your next test words -
common letter strings - igh all these words have the same trigraph - letter string -
common letter strings - ough the following words all have the same letter string but some are pronounced differently -
Contractions Can you spell these contracted words and do you know what they are short for? -
Data Handling Vocab can you spell our key words for data handling? -
Data Vocab these are our key words for our handling data topic can you spell the words and tell a friend what they mean? -
fraction key vocab Can you spell our key words for fractins? Do you know what they all mean? -
group 1 high frequency words -
group 1b high frequency words -
ICT vocab Do you know what these words mean? Can you spell them all? -
literacy technical vocab Spell these words and make sure you know what they mean -
Medium frequency words can you spell these common words? -
Numeracy vocab fraction vocab -
plurals - end in y add ies if a word ends in consonant 'y' take away the 'y'add ies -
Proper Nouns Days and Months - the capital letters were not accepted - make sure you remember your capital letters! -
suffixes - ARY Make sure you know what a suffix is Do you know any more 'ary' words? -
Water vocab these are some of the words that you will need to know for Wednesday's trip! -
YEAR 3 Challenge words -
year 6 science plant vocab -