School List for Spelling Practice

Ilmington Cofe Primary School

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Name Description Group
Aaron 'ble', and 'ple' -
Amy Nouns and adjectives into verbs -
Anna Suffixes: 'ic','ary','al' -
Ben G 'able'and'ible' -
Ben L Adding 'ing', doubling consonant -
Charlie Suffixes:'al' Double consonants -
Chloe Irregular tense changes -
Emily -
Esme 'ble' and 'ple' -
Fran Double consonants -
Fred Homophones -
Giles Homophones Suffixes: 'hood','ship' -
Hal Suffixes:'ship' Regular verb endings -
Harry C Irregular tense changes -
Harry W Add 'ing' -
Heidi Adding'ing', removing'e' -
Jack Adding 'ing',removing 'e' -
Joshua Nouns and adjectives into verbs -
Lauren -
Lottie Nouns and adjectives into verbs -
Lucy Add 'ing' -
Mima Adding 'ing' to words ending in 'le' 'able' and 'ible' -
Minnie 'dle','gle', and 'cle' Prefix: 'un' -
Oliver H 'ible' -
Oliver P Adding 'ing', doubling consonant -
Patrick 'able' and 'ible' -
Poppy -
Sam Irregular tense changes -
Syd -
Tom Irregular tense changes -
Will Eggelton 'ible' -
Will Ev Regular verb endings -