School List for Spelling Practice

Sythwood Primary School

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Name Description Group
Adverbs How many different ways can you do something? Year 4
Adverbs 2 How else can you do something? Year 4
Consonant + y words When y is preceded by a consonant, change to ies Year 4
Don't say said! Try not to use said, try these instead Year 4
Homophones Two words which sound the same but are spelt differently. Year 4
Plurals plurals that end in -f or -fe Year 4
Plurals - ending in s, sh, ch Add -es to most words ending in s, sh, ch Year 4
Plurals - tricky ones you just have to learn! Some don't follow a pattern. Year 4
Plurals nouns ending in a vowel Plurals that end in a vowel usually add and s Year 4