School List for Spelling Practice

Ladypool Primary School

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Name Description Group
Class 4C + 4CH Homophones 4C
Class 4C HA Plurals 4C
Class 4C Wk 3 Irregular Past Tenses 2 4C
Class 4C Wk 4 Comparatives 4C
Class 4C Wk 5 Tenses 4C
Class 4C Wk1 doubling last letter 4C
6L 10.2.10 Silent letters 6L
6L 4.2.10 ial and al words 6L
4C + 4CH Sp 2 Week 6 Spell two-syllable words containing double consonants -
4C+4CH Ext Sum 1 Wk 1 plurals f/fe and irregular words -
4C+4CH Sum 1 Wk 1 Spell regular verbs ending in consonant + y -
Class 4c + 4ch extension To recognise and spell suffix cian etc -
Class 4C + 4CH list 2 plurals -
Class 4C + 4CH Sp 2 Wk4 Suffixes to change nouns and adjectives into verbs and verbs into nouns. -
Class 4C + 4CH Sum 2 L1 plurals -
Class 4C + 4CH wb 24.5 To recognise and spell the suffixes: ible, able, ive, tion, sion -
Class 4C Wk 2 Irregular Past Tenses -
Class 4C+4CH Sp wk 2 Compound words -
Class 4C+4CH Sp wk 3 suffixes -
Class 4C+4CH sp2 wk 1 Verb endings: short vowels -
Class 4C+4CH Wk 6 Regular verb endings -
Mrs Casey 1-1 wk 2 Misspelt words -