School List for Spelling Practice

Copthorne Primary School

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Name Description Group
16th October Year 2
Double consonants Two syllable words with double consonants Year 3
Spellings words with "ing" Year 3
a words Words beginning with a Year 4
Common Words All these words have two syllables. Year 4
Mixed Words 20 mixed words Year 4
Suffixes suffixes al, ary and ic Year 4
Ce words Words containing ce Year 5
Ci Words Words containing ci Year 5
Plurals spell these plural words Year 5
Word endings Words ending in vowels other than"e" Year 5
Words Ending In "Ful" LL in Full becomes L when used as a suffix Year 5
Prefixes & Suffixes Using aqua, port, bi and auto Year 6
Year 6 (1) Unstressed vowels Year 6
Year 6 (2) More unstressed vowels Year 6
Ou words Can you pronounce them? -