School List for Spelling Practice

Monteney Primary School

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Name Description Group
Days of the Week Days of the week. Year 1
Family Names Common names in a family Year 1
Week 1: ing words Week 1 Spellings. Year 1
Week 2: ang words Year 1
Week 3: ung word Year 1
Months Months of the year Year 2
Year 4: Autumn Term Starting next half term, we will be having 2 spelling tests. One at the start of the year, one at the end of the half term. We will be learning these spellings within our literacy and guided reading, but we would like the majority of your practice to be at home. Below, is a word list for our 20 key words this half term! Year 4
Those tricky -tion, -sion, -cian words! Last Half Term we worked hard to crack words ending in -sion, -tion and -cian. Before you forget these rules, why not have a go at practicing these words and see how many you remember! Year 6