School List for Spelling Practice

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

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Name Description Group
Adventurous Vocabulary! Year 3
Ancient Egyptians Topic Vocabulary Year 3
Group A and B Year 3
Group C Year 3
Group D Year 3
Group E Year 3
Group F Year 3
Regular Past Tense Endings Year 3
Group A test 21st May ex- prefix meaning out of or outside Year 4
Group B test 14th April ex- prefix meaning out of/outside Year 4
Group C test 21st May ai sound Year 4
'shun' words Year 5
Prefixes: mis, dis, im, in Year 5
Suffixes: double consonant + ed Words that end in a short vowel and a consonant: double the last constonant and add ed. Year 5
Suffixes: ied Year 5
Water and Rivers Year 5
con - words Prefixes Year 6
Connectives List Year 6
Detective words Year 6
Mono- uni - bi - du words Prefixes Year 6
SATs Test 1 Year 6
Sats Test 2 Year 6
SATs Test 3 Year 6
tri - quad - dec words Prefixes 2 Year 6
Unstressed Vowel Sounds Year 6