School List for Spelling Practice

Hawes Side Primary School

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Name Description Group
s a t p i n spellings Using the above graphemes see how many words your child can spell! RB
Reception RS Words from letters and sounds phase 2. Reception
satpin RG Reception
'ch' words Year 1
'th' words to spell Year 1
ar words can you read these 'ar'words? Year 1
HFWs Year 1
oa/o-e/ow can you read these words? Year 1
oo words can you read and spell these oo words? Year 1
Reading I can read these ai,a-e,ay words Year 1
Spellings Try to learn these is Year 1
tricky words Year 1
'ai' sounds Year 2
'sh' words Year 2
2T Words beginning with 'w' where the second letter sounds like an 'o' but is an 'a'. Year 2
2T March 2010 Add ing Year 2
High Frequency Words Year 2
i_e To introduce the split vowel diagraph i_e. Year 2
Numbers 0 - 10 To learn to write numbers to 10. Year 2
or words Year 2
ou words Year 2
Past Tense Look, cover, write and check these regular past tense words. Year 2
Tricky Words Year 2
Tricky words Year 2
wh words Year 2
Year 2 Year 2
Year 2 Year 2
'-le' words What sound does the '-le' make? Year 3
-er and -est Can you spell these words? Year 3
3/4C two phase 3 graphemes Words with a combination of two phase three graphemes. Year 3
3/4C- Biff and Chip High Frequency Words Year 3
3/4C- Kipper and Floppy High Frequency Words Year 3
3B ee ea e-e Year 3
3L ai ay a-e Year 3
adding '-ing' and '-ed' Look at the words. Tell somebody what the spelling rule is for these kinds of words. Year 3
ai words ai is usually found in the middle of a word Year 3
Days of the week Remember to start with a capital letter! Year 3
more '-ing' and '-ed' words What do all these words have in common. Hint: Take the ending off and look at the root word. Think about the vowel sound (Is it long or short?) and the number of consonants. Year 3
numbers 1-20 Spellings you must know. Year 3
ow that hurt All these words contain the same sound, can you say what it is? Year 3
adjectives Comparative and superlative adjectives. Which are comparative and which are superlative? Year 4
common contractions Why has the apostrophe been used in these words? Year 4
days of the week do you know how to spell the days of the week Year 4
Irregular tense changes Try to use these words in your own sentences. Year 4
light and shadows Vocabulary for science topic Light and Shadows. Learn how to spell these and find out what they mean. Year 4
numbers 1 -10 Year 4
past tense verbs Year 4
regular verb ending 'ed' for the past tense To spell regular verb ending ed. Year 4
Words with common suffixes Can you find some more words in your reading with these suffixes in them? Year 4
year 4 - Homophones 1 to distinguish between the spelling and meaning of homophones Year 4
year 4 - Homophones 2 to distinguish between the spelling and meaning of homophones Year 4
year 4 - Homophones 3 to distinguish between the spelling and meaning of homophones Year 4
5D Spellings 10/09/10 plural words Year 5
5D Spellings 17/09/10 Plural words Year 5
5D Spellings 24.09.10 different plurals Year 5
5D Spellings 4.10.10 tricky consonant spellings Year 5
13th Oct - 'ee' or 'ea' Can you spot when we use each phoneme? Year 6
13th Oct - prefix 'dis' What happens to a root word when we add the prefix 'dis'? Year 6
14th November 'ie' i before e, except after c doesn't always work but it is a good rule to remember! Year 6
15th Sept - ay words Year 6
15th Sept audi, aero, aqua, Prefixes - to hear, air and water Year 6
20th October - FORCES Do you know how to spell our Eureka Week words? Year 6
22nd Nov - igh Year 6
22nd Sept - split digraph a_e words Magic 'e' makes the vowel sound long Year 6
22nd Sept - uni, bi, tri Practise your prefixes Year 6
29th Sept 'ai' spellings Year 6
29th Sept - bio, auto Practise your prefixes! What do they mean? Year 6
6th Oct - 'un' prefix What happens to the meaning of a word when we add the prefix 'un'? Year 6
6th Oct - ay, ai, a_e Do you know which phoneme is used in each word? Year 6
Water Test your knowledge, spell our topic words. Year 6
Water Cycle Words Can you spell these important scientific words? Can you explain what they mean? Year 6
24th Jan - 'oo' words What sound does the oo make in each word? -
5D spelings Monday 10th january 2011 -
5D Spellings 11.10.10 unstressed consonant -
5D Spellings 14.3.11 -
5D Spellings 14/2/11 -
5D Spellings 15/11/10 -
5D spellings 17th January 2011 -
5D Spellings 18/10/10 -
5D Spellings 21.3.11 -
5D Spellings 22.11.10 -
5D Spellings 24/1/11 -
5D Spellings 28.2.11 -
5D Spellings 29.11.10 -
5D Spellings 31..1.11 -
5D Spellings 6.12.10 -
5D Spellings 7/2/11 -
5D Spellings 7/2/11 -
5D spellings 8.11.2010 -
5DSpellings week 7/3/11 -
cj -
cj2 -
half term spellings 5D -
Tricky 'th' words 'th' words -