School List for Spelling Practice

Intake Primary School

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Name Description Group
20.03.09 Year 1
Suffixes Adding 'ly to the end of the word to change adjective into an adverb Year 3
high frequency These words will be used often so learn them. Year 4
"Ee", "Ea", "Ey" and "Oo" 5.11.09 Year 5
'sion', 'tion' & 'cian' Year 6
Aero and trans Year 6
Aqua, hydra, hydro and graph Year 6
It's all Greek to me! Words, prefixes and suffixes that derive from ancient Greek. Year 6
Spelling Test - 30.11.09 From the article and work "Britain's Sharks Face Extinction" Year 6
Unstressed Vowels Try to spell the following words with unstressed vowels Year 6