School List for Spelling Practice

Crumpsall Lane Primary School

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Name Description Group
ch words -
Days of the Week -
fuzzbuzz KS1 reading scheme words -
fuzzbuzz gang weekly spelling group -
fuzzbuzz gang 5,6 weekly spelling list -
ible and able -
MIss Corbett's spellings unstressed vowels and consonants -
noun or verb homophones spelled differently depending on the part of speech which they are -
Phase 5, Mrs Jolliffe Alternative pronounciation of 'i' and 'o' -
Year 5 - Miss Moores occurence of certain letters within words 27.04.09 -
Year 5 Miss Moores Words with common letter strings but different pronunciation 19/05/09 -
Yr 5 and 6 Letters and Sounds vowel and consonant suffixes -