Spelling Lists

  Unit 01Adding the prefixes 'dis-', 'un-' and 'in-'
  Unit 02Adding 'im-' to root words beginning with 'm' or 'p'
  Unit 03Adding the suffix '-ous'
  Unit 04Adding the suffix '-ly'
  Unit 05Words ending in '-ture'
  Unit 06Adding '-ation' to verbs to form nouns
  Unit 07Words with the 'c' sound spelt 'ch'
  Unit 08Words with the 'sh' sound spelt 'ch'
  Unit 09Adding the suffix '-ion'
  Unit 10Adding the suffix '-ian'
  Unit 11Adding the prefix 're-'
  Unit 12Adding the prefix 'anti-'
  Unit 13Adding the prefix 'super-'
  Unit 14Adding the prefix 'sub-'