Spelling Lists

  'tion' endingsWords ending in 'tion', 'ssion', 'sion'.
  'ure' endingsWords ending in 'ure' as in 'sure'.
  al, il, el endingsWords ending in al, el, il.
  Awkward GDifficult g words
  cian/ssionWords ending in cian or ssion
  Common Words 3
  ContractionsWatch the apostrophe!
  Doubling Consonants 1Double the consonant when it follows a short vowel sound.
  Doubling Consonants 2Double the consonant when it follows a short vowel sound.
  ed verb endings
  ed verb endingsVerbs ending in ed - past tense
  ei or ie
  High Frequency Words
  HomophonesWords that sound the same but are spelt differently.
  Homophones 2
  ible/ableWords ending in ible or able
  le endingsWords ending in le
  le/el endingsWords ending in el/le.
  More tion spellingsWords ending in tion, sion, ssion
  oughWords containing the 'ough' letter string
  ous endingsous, cious, tious
  PrefixesWords beginning with the prefix 'dis'.
  Prefixes disWords beginning with the prefix 'dis'.
  Schwa!Words ending in ure, our, or.
  Short Vowel Doubling
  Silent k and wSilent letters
  sion. ssionWords ending in sion and ssion
  Soft gSoft g - making the 'j' sound.
  Suffixes 2less
  Test 1Soft C spellings - c makes the s sound.
  tionWords ending in 'tion'
  Unit 7 an en on inan en on in word endings
  Unit 8 tiontion endings
  Unusual Pluralss/es/ies/ves
  Unusual PluralsPlurals
  Unusual Plurals
  Unusual Plurals 2