Spelling Lists

  Barn Owls (Year 3) 
  Class 6 Spring Term 
  Class 6 Summer Term 
  Eagle Owls Autumn Term 
  Elf Owls 
  Elf Owls 
  Snowy Owls Autumn Term 
  Snowy Owls Spring Term 
  Snowy Owls Summer term 
  Tawny Owls 
  Wise Owls Autumn Term 
  ance ancyHanded out 12/10. Test 19/10.
  ance, ancy, ence, ency26/4
  ant/con wordsHanded out 5th October. Test on the 12th
  cious/tri wordsHanded out 14/9 Test on 23/9
  com words3/5
  ei or ie10/5
  ence/encyHanded out 2/11. Test 9/11.
  ent ant words17/5
  ent suffix plus a few moreHanded out 19/10 Test 2/11
  fer wordsHanded out 23rd Nov. Test 30th Nov.
  Hyphens and aer wordsHanded out 30/11. Test 6/12.
  ible/able plus a few moreHanded out 9th Nov. Test 16th Nov.
  Key words 1Learn me!!!
  Key words 2See if you can get them all right.
  Key words 3Enjoy!
  Key words 4Last ones for now
  Key words 5Good luck
  Key words 6Another 20 words. Enjoy!
  oct pri scope
  ough words24/5
  Science words - Topic.Handed out 14th Sept. Test 28th Sept.
  shul words7/6
  shun and shus sounds
  Sub/ough.wordsHanded out 16th Nov. Test 23rd Nov.
  Summer term - week 4Spelling sound ea as in bead.
  Summer term week 3 - ieSpelling sound ie
  Summer term week 5 - irSpelling sound ir
  tial/cial/photo wordsHanded out 28th Sept. Test on the 5th October.
  tious/bi wordsHanded out 21st Sept. Test on the 28th Sept.
  Topic words - GeographyHanded out 2/11. Test 16/11.
  under, over, en and em.