Spelling Lists

  En/intro: sec 8 
  Year 5 16.1.2017 
  03-05-10or words
  1. memory magic
  13 Mathematical words
  13.10.10 REDwords to describe feelings
  1FB 12 Spellings for Test on 27thFebruary
  1FB 12 Spellings for Test on 27thFebruary
  21/03/14 Group 3Suffixes changing nouns to verbs
  22.04.09First spellings after easter holidays
  24th Feb 10
  27th September 2010
  27th September 2010
  2SJweekly spellings for test on Friday morning 29.9.08
  3/7/09 Mrs Burrows' Groupoa words
  4 letter wordsFor any children to practise
  4B Term 2 Week 2 -eight - ight
  4th October 2010words with 'tch'
  5KGroup One w/c 25th Feb 2008
  5K Group TwoW/C 3rd December
  6.3.09Hard C and soft C
  Adding 'un' and TopicPlease practise these words for the next spelling test on Friday 20th March
  Band A 4common compounds 2
  Blue 1b
  Book FUnit 5
  Book GUnit 3
  camaron morris
  Class 2 week beg 12.10.09Group 1
  Class 2 week beg 12.10.09Group 1
  Class 4 wk bg 22.02.10Group 2 - High Frequency
  COMMAS test 3.5.12spell words with silent letters
  Friday 24 June 2011
  Friday 24th June2016
  Friday 9 December 2011
  greenTo be tested Wed. 21/1/09 Words with oo and ll
  Group 1 7/12/12Word endings- etion, -ition, - otion, -ution
  Jess Spring 11
  LadybirdsSpring term
  List 12 Rockets 14.1.11 (Tested 21.1.11)Root words plus topic words
  LSU Y3 T2 S25Silent letters
  LSU Y3 T2 S25Silent letters
  LSU Y3 T2 S25Silent letters
  magic e drop (pink)
  MarsToucans&Pandas. Test 19.1.12
  Maths (Year 7)Test 1
  Medium Frequency Words 4
  Miss CzacharWeek 3 Tested 19.06.15 Rule: Words with the /s/ sound spelt 'sc' (Latin origin)
  Miss Fentonar and air Group 1
  Miss HandleyFor test on
  Miss Morgans 23-03-2009Year 4's - its, it's and the suffix ive
  Miss ShanahanSpring Term - Monday 16th January 2012
  Miss TaylorTest - Mon 26/04/10 Sheet 25- V words
  Miss Wood Autumn Week 13 2011
  Miss Wood Autumn wekk 14
  Miss Wood Year 2 Summer week 5
  Mr Scott's Spellings 28.11.11
  Mrs DevlinStage 4 Key Words (cont'd)
  Mrs Foster Group 3Compound words
  Mrs HawkinsPlease learn for Friday25th March
  Mrs O'Shea Group 1 Week 5or words
  Mrs R Davies 10/12/07Un 'n' neu ddwy 'nn'?
  Mrs Verinder Yr 5November 26th
  Neptune 8.10.15Group 1
  Phonics Phase Two (+k)
  School WordsTry spelling these words, associated with our school. Remember your capital letters where necessary!
  Science: Autumn week 2More about dissolving
  Set 8Prefixes
  Spellings for Friday 21st November
  Spellings for Friday 21st November
  Spellings to learn for 6th March
  Spring 1 week 2tion and ious
  Spring Week 1
  spring week 3
  spring week 3spring week 3
  Spring week 4/oo/ - oo, ew, ue, u-e
  Summer Set 1 BH KFconsonant blends
  Summer Term Week FourGroup Four
  Summer week 8Olympics
  Summer week 8Olympics
  summer week 8summer week 8
  test 18.6.15'-ly' words
  Test 29
  Test Date 19th November
  Test Date 22nd March
  Test Date 25th March
  to be tested 20 4 16
  Untitled 12 Spellings for Test on 27thFebruary
  Vocal TechniquesAs part of Acting Skills and Techniques, understand how the voice is used in performance
  Wales, Week 2, Term 2b
  Week 14 MoonTo identify word roots, derivations and spelling patterns
  Week 2br/bl
  Week 2Homonyms
  week 2
  Week 20
  week 3
  Week 4 28.09
  Week 4 MoonHistory topic vocabulary. Life in Britain since 1948
  Week 5'ar': Making the long and short sounds.
  Week 6 SpringIble/able
  Y1/2 Key words set 1
  y3 Dolphins and sealswords ending in le. for testing wc 4th April. look up five words you are not sure of for a credit.
  Y3 HFW (1)To spell high frequency words
  Y4/5 WORD LISTS 8National Literacy Strategy Y4/5 medium frequency
  Y6 grp 3 16th Marchmixed
  Y6 grp 3 16th Marchmixed
  Y6 grp 3 16th Marchmixed
  Year 1Spellings for week beginning 11/02/08
  Year 1 - Forks4th May 2009
  Year 2Soft g for over half term
  year 2 group1
  Year 2 Rhinos W/C 29.01.18Homophones - words that sound the same but have a different spelling and a different meaning. PLEASE NOTE- it is imperative the children understand the meaning of each word so they know which one to use in a given sentence. There will be no extra spellings this week.
  Year 3Weekly spellings 29/9/08
  Year 38.2.08 Red
  Year 3Spellings for Group 1 for week beginning 27/09/10
  Year 3 SpellingsGroup 1, wb 5-11-07, irregular past tense verbs.
  Year 413.9.2010
  Year 44th October 2010
  Year 423rd November
  Year 4Spellings for 31st January
  year 5ea words for all, Mrs Murphy do first 10 to be tested Friday 26th February
  year 5Mrs Perridge's spelling group 21.04.09
  Year 5 06.03.2017
  year 5 group 2
  Year 5 ListPlural endings
  Year 5 Set 2 25/06/2008Odd words
  Year 5 set VWords to learn
  Year 5 Spellings 15/10
  Year 6tion endings
  Year 6 28.4.15Homophones
  Year 6 Miss Martin: Red GroupTest Date: Wednesday 22nd October