Spelling Lists

  Year 4 autumn 12 syllable + double consonant
  Year 4 autumn 2adding ing to words ending in short vowel + consonant
  Year 4 autumn 3adding ing to verbs that end in e
  Year 4 autumn 4irregular past tense verbs
  Year 4 autumn 5the suffix al
  year 4 autumn 6the suffix ic
  year 4 autumn 7the suffix ful
  Year 4 autumn 8the suffix ment
  Year 5 autumn 1words ending in a and o
  Year 5 autumn 2the prefixes auto (self) and trans (across)
  Year 5 autumn 3the prefixes circ (round)and tele (distant)
  Year 5 autumn 4plurals changing consonant+y to ies
  Year 5 autumn 5plurals ending in ves
  Year 5 autumn 6root words
  Year 5 autumn 7the suffix ful
  Year 5 autumn 8more root words