Spelling Lists

  -ew endings
  -ey endings try spelling these words that end in ey
  -ing endingsTry and spell these words that end in -ing
  AdjectivesWe love to use adjectives in our writing! Can you spell them all?
  ConnectivesLearn these to improve your sentences.
  Numbers to 20Can you spell all the numbers to 20?
  Part 1 of the 200 high frequency wordsHere are some of the 200 high frequency words. Can you spell them all right?
  ph soundsthese words have the 'f' sound that is spelt ph, can you spell these words?
  wh wordsThese words begin with the 'wh' sounds, can you spell them?
  Word phase 6 want to spellHere are the words you wanted to learnt to spell. Have a go.
  Year 2 essential wordsWords Year 2 must learn to spell
  Year 2 useful wordsTry spelling these useful words that we use a lot in our writing.